Here at WhyDesign, we are always working to find new ways of sharing our message. We were absolutely walking on air after the success of our third sell-out WhyDesign conference in March 2020, ready to build on that momentum and keep driving our equality mission. But then the whole world was stopped in its tracks. We were all forced to go home and sit behind our laptops, trying to find a new way to keep the WhyDesign conversation alive.

One of the biggest phenomenons of the new Work From Home lifestyle has been Zoom’s shot to fame. Not only were families and businesses getting on board the video-call train, but designers were too. All of a sudden there were design talks happening every single day of the week, broadcasting from nearly every country in the world. But there was a problem… where were all the women? Digital Design Days hosted a 3-day marathon of design talks with over 80 speakers participating. Out of those 84 speakers, there were only 17 women. The biggest online global design event the world has ever seen and only 14% of speakers were women. 

It’s time to change that number.

We were inspired to start our very own talk series, the WhyDesign Chats. These chat sessions showcase the talented women and men who are changing the face of Irish design. Our speakers range from students to start-ups to the esteemed established, giving our audience a flavour of everything that is happening on Ireland’s design scene.

As with all things WhyDesign, our Chat sessions address the gender imbalance in Ireland’s design sector. This is reflected in our line-up of speakers, focusing on the brilliant women who are striving to change our industry and the fantastic men who are supporting them to achieve this. Each week, designers from all corners of the emerald isle discuss their thoughts on different themes that align with WhyDesign’s ethos. 

The WhyDesign Chat sessions will take place every Thursday at 8 o’clock. We hope you will join us as we pour a glass and sit back to listen to the incredible community of designers who are shaping the Irish design landscape. Get in touch with us at to get your invitation, places are limited so make sure and get there early.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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